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Oxinium (ceramic) Knee Replacement

conventional metal kneeConventional metal knee replacements are robust but wear out rapidly. Ceramic bio-materials have outstanding wear properties, but risk breakage when used in knee replacements as components have to be mandatory thin.

The new oxinium implant combines the best features of metal (strength) the ceramic (wear resistance) thereby ushering in a new era in total knee replacement surgery.

This revolutionary breakthrough can benefit millions of people who are waiting endlessly with knee arthritis as it has the potential to last their entire lifetime due to its advanced endurance properties. Earlier, only elderly, inactive patients were suitable for knee replacement. This has changed with the advent of OXINIUM.

In the U.S. the Oxinium knee is known as the '30-year Knee Replacement'.

Another first by Asian Joint Reconstruction Institute


Keeping up the tradition of being in the forefront of cutting edge technology in the medical field, the AJRI Team introduced the Oxinium Knee for the first time in South India in March 2010.

method producing oxinium heads

OXINIUM(ceramic) is a unique, advanced bio-material patented by smith & nephew created by a manufacturing process that transforms only the surface of the metal (zirconium) to a ceramic layer thereby combining the best properties of metal and ceramic.

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method producing oxinium heads

Laboratory wear testing in simulator experiments has proven that OXINIUM(ceramic) (oxidised Zirconium) knee implant shows wear to be manifold less than that of standard Metal (Cobalt chrome).

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method producing oxinium heads

Patients who desire to return to an active lifestyle and desire (high – flexion) activities like sitting on the floor will also benefit from the OXINIUM(ceramic) technology as the effects of eccentrically loaded forces are considerably reduced.

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surgery after

Knee replacement surgery used to be a major surgery with patients in the hospital for 10 to 15 days and recovery time was up to six months. Modern advancements in all aspects of knee replacement technology has overtly simplified the Total Knee Replacement surgery.

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Asian Joint Reconstruction Institute is set apart by the comprehensive orthopedic care it delivers. Here, the nation's best health care professionals work with a coordinated multi-disciplinary approach (360 degree) supported by the latest technology.

Asian Joint Reconstruction Institute has "state of the art" infrastructure matching the best in the world with committed & eminent group of Orthopedic surgeons, Anesthesiologists, Musculo-skeletal Radiologists, Rheumatologists & Rehabilitation specialists.

Many advanced techniques in Arthroplasty like the Birmingham Hip Resurfacing (BHR), Birmingham Mid Head Resection (BMHR) was done for the first time in Asia by AJRI. This unit attracts patients from all over the world for advanced procedures in joint replacement, Arthroscopic surgery & osteotomies.